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Food that cannot be eaten by high blood pressure

01 High blood pressure can not touch the food Gill high calorie food Gill high calorie food (glucose, sucrose, chocolate, etc.) can induce obesity, obese people have a higher incidence of hypertension than normal weight people. Hypertensive patients often have overweight or obesity. Therefore, the diet of patients with this disease should be limited to high-calorie food. Gill meat gill is a kind of food with high fat content and high protein, but its saturated fatty acid content is very high. It is easy to cause hyperlipidemia in blood and induce coronary heart disease. Heavy-tasting biscuits, such as sweet potatoes and dried beans, tend to cause flatulence. It's better for hypertensive patients to eat less. In addition, biscuits with strong taste are still eaten less because of their high sugar and salt content. Gill chicken soup has high nutritional value, and drinking more chicken soup will increase cholesterol and blood pressure. Hence, chicken soup should not be used blindly as a nutritional supplement for patients, especially those with hypertension, so chicken soup should not be consumed. Otherwise, it will only further aggravate the illness, which is harmful to the health. Gill drinking can increase heart rate, vasoconstriction and blood pressure. It can also promote the deposition of calcium salt and cholesterol in the vascular wall and accelerate arteriosclerosis. Heavy and long-term drinking is more likely to induce atherosclerosis and exacerbate hypertension. Therefore, patients with hypertension should abstain from alcohol.
02 6. Although there are many causes of dog flesh gill hypertension, most of them belong to the nature of Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity. Dog flesh warming the kidney and promoting Yang can aggravate the condition of hypertension of Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity type. Other types of hypertension, such as kidney-yang deficiency, disturbance of deficiency of yang, accumulation of phlegm and fire, blockage of collaterals by blood stasis, eating dog meat or restless floating yang, or aggravating phlegm and fire, or aiding fire and drying blood, are not conducive to the disease. So it is not suitable to eat. Gill animal protein Gill hypertension patients should restrict or prohibit the intake of animal protein (such as animal liver, eggs), because the harmful substances produced by protein metabolism can cause blood pressure fluctuations. Ordinary diet can choose high-cost high-quality protein, such as fish, milk and so on. Some proteins, such as aminoethylxanthic acid and tyrosine, have antihypertensive effects. Sodium chloride is the main component of salt in the gill of salt-rich food. Sodium retention can cause the increase of extracellular fluid, cardiac output and blood pressure. Therefore, hypertensive patients should limit salt intake. The patients with hypertension should avoid drinking strong tea, especially strong black tea. Because theophylline in black tea is the highest, it can cause brain excitation, anxiety, insomnia, palpitation and other discomforts, so that blood pressure rises. Drinking light green tea is conducive to the treatment of hypertension. Spicy food spicy food spicy food and fine food can make the stool dry and difficult to drain, easy to cause constipation, when patients defecate, will make abdominal pressure rise, blood pressure jump, induce cerebral hemorrhage, so hypertensive patients are forbidden to use spicy and delicate food.