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Stomach nourishing food

01 Milk: The main function of milk is to invigorate the lung and stomach, to produce body fluid, to moisten the large intestine. It has a very good effect on stomach pain due to yin deficiency and constipation due to deficiency of body fluid. Studies have found that milk has a very effective therapeutic effect on peptic ulcer disease, habitual constipation and other conditions. Although milk has a good stomach-nourishing effect, experts warn that patients with diarrhea, spleen deficiency syndrome, dampness syndrome and so on are not suitable for excessive drinking of milk in daily life. Gill porridge: Gill porridge is easy to digest, especially Babao porridge, which contains peanuts, almonds, sugar and so on. It has higher and richer calories and is good for stomach. Fresh peanuts are rich in protein and fat, which can effectively protect the stomach. Three principles of stomach-nourishing breakfast: easy digestion, anti-stimulation, multi-nutrition. Such as: egg soup, egg soup, boiled eggs, soybeans, soybean products, vegetables, fruits and so on. Gill soup: In addition to porridge has a good stomach-nourishing effect, there is also a food with the same stomach-nourishing effect, that is soup. The soup should not be broth, because broth also contains a lot of acidic substances, which is not conducive to stomach nourishment. The best soup is vegetable soup, such as spinach, vermicelli, egg soup, etc. You can also add some accessories to season it, so that the effect of stomach nourishment will be more obvious. Gill apple: sweet taste, cool sex. Jianpi Buqi Yiwei, Shengjin Runzhou. Suitable for deficiency of spleen and food, deficiency of stomach yin, stomachache due to deficiency of yin. Gill spinach: Sweet and cool, can moisturize and nourish the liver, benefit the intestines and stomach, and relieve constipation. "Dietotherapy Materia Medica" calls it "Benefiting the Five Zang-organs, Tongchang-wei, Jiedu." Spinach can promote the secretion of stomach and pancreas, increase appetite and help digestion. Rich cellulose can also help intestinal peristalsis and facilitate defecation. When eating spinach, we should pay attention to the high content of oxalic acid in spinach. Excessive consumption will hinder the absorption of calcium. Therefore, when eating spinach, we should try to avoid eating with high calcium food such as tofu, laver, or light before cooking to remove oxalic acid.
Cabbage: It has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, relieving pain, detoxification and detumescence, clearing away heat and diuresis. It can be used for chest tightness, thirst, sore throat, incompetence of urine, deafness of ears and eyes, poor sleep, bad joints and abdominal pain caused by internal heat. It contains vitamin C and other ingredients which can relieve pain and promote ulcer healing. Cabbage and coix seed, orange peel, honey can be used for the treatment of epigastric swelling pain, epigastric fullness and stomach, duodenal ulcer, and red beans, winter melon, ice sugar cooked can reduce swelling and diuresis. People with fecal catharsis and weak spleen and stomach should not eat more. Gill longan: Gill "Litchi is the beauty of food, longan is good for nourishment". Unlike litchi, which is damp and hot, longan can be used as medicine, and has many functions such as strengthening yang, invigorating qi, warming stomach and invigorating spleen. Gill carrot: Gill nature, taste and calm, "Qi, spleen and diaphragm, Runchang stomach, Five Zang organs, have the effect of healthy food". Rich carotene can be converted into vitamin A, which can refresh the mind, enhance resistance and prevent respiratory diseases. Carotene is fat-soluble. It is best stewed with meat and tastes better. Gill yam: When the weather turns cold, some people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold often have symptoms such as eating less, abdominal distension, loose stool, body burnout and so on. Often boil yam porridge to drink, can effectively alleviate stomach discomfort. Gill pumpkin: Gill "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Pumpkin temperature, taste sweet, into the spleen, stomach meridian", can tonify Qi, anti-inflammatory sterilization, pain relief. It contains rich pectin, which can "adsorb" bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals, lead and so on, and play a detoxification role. At the same time, its pectin can protect the stomach from irritation and reduce ulcers. Pumpkin can be used to cook porridge or soup to nourish the intestines and stomach.