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What food is good for gastroenteritis

01 Acute gastroenteritis: During the treatment of acute gastroenteritis, avoid a lot of food, greasy food should not be eaten, such as fat meat, butter, fried food should not be eaten, spicy stimulating food should not be eaten, such as pepper, wine, onion, curry, pepper, mustard powder, strong coffee, etc. High-fibre food is not suitable to eat, acidic food and carbonated beverages are not suitable to eat, these foods are easy to block digestion, stimulate gastric mucosa, not conducive to the recovery of gastric mucosal inflammation. In the period of gill inflammation, gastrointestinal function is weakened. It is better to eat light, low-fat food, liquid food and soft food, which is conducive to digestion and absorption, and also reduces the burden of stomach and intestine. Generally, cook and drink porridge. In order to supplement the food and control the reduced nutrient intake, you can cook porridge with five grains. Porridge should be boiled as bad as possible, not hard rice. The main dishes are tender green vegetables, green vegetables should not be too high fiber, eat less meat, cook meat as clean as possible, do not add ginger, garlic, anise and other stimulating spices. Although liquid food should be the main food, but also to drink less rich soup, moderate amount of light soup, milk, etc. also try not to drink. During the treatment of gill acute gastroenteritis, soft and liquid foods should be eaten until the symptoms are healed. Just recovered, in fact, gastrointestinal function is not very weak, but also to maintain liquid and soft food-based, it is recommended to maintain such a diet for another three months. During this period, we can gradually supplement other foods appropriately to supplement nutrition, but we should control the amount of spicy stimulation and other foods or avoid overeating.
02 Gill chronic gastroenteritis: Gill chronic gastroenteritis in addition to drug treatment, it is in peacetime maintenance. Chronic gastroenteritis does not need to avoid many foods like acute gastroenteritis, but also should pay attention to avoid spicy stimulating food, do not overeat, eat less and eat more meals, eat on time and in quantity, reduce the burden of the intestine and stomach. No tobacco, alcohol and carbonated drinks. If gastric acid secretion decreases, such as atrophic gastritis, edible thick broth, fish soup, chicken soup and other delicious food to stimulate gastric acid secretion and promote appetite. Several hawthorns can be eaten properly at each meal, preferably fresh hawthorns, to stimulate gastric juice secretion. You can eat sour fruit or juice, or you can drink yogurt. Yoghurt can inhibit harmful bacteria to decompose protein to produce toxins, and protect the stomach from the erosion of toxins, which is conducive to the treatment and recovery of gastritis. Therefore, it is recommended to drink yoghurt regularly and appropriately. For those with excessive gastric acid secretion (hyperacidic gastritis), broth, fish soup, chicken soup and too much delicious food should be banned. Meat can be cooked to the soup before cooking. Food should be fine, crushed, soft and rotten. The cooking methods are less frying, steaming, stewing, stewing and simmering. Milk, soy milk, steamed bread, noodles and bread can be used to neutralize stomach acid. During the maintenance of gill chronic gastroenteritis, attention should be paid to the intake of high protein food and high vitamin food to ensure the body's adequate nutrients and prevent anemia and malnutrition. For anaemia and malnutrition, we should add protein-rich and heme iron-rich foods, such as lean meat, chicken, fish, and liver, waist, gill and other animal viscera. Dark food, usually fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, such as green leafy vegetables, winged beans, tomatoes, eggplants, red dates, okra, purple okra, carrots, purple potatoes, purple cabbage, laver flowers, etc. Gills can be cured by diet either in the late stage of acute gastroenteritis or in the peacetime of chronic gastroenteritis. There are many recipes for diet therapy. You can find them online or consult a doctor. Here is a recipe that has been validated by many friends and relatives. The operation is simple: 25 grams of white kernel, 200 grams of fresh pig stomach (as far as possible * no pig stomach). First, white kernel and water should be put into the pan. After the fire is boiled, the pig will be put into the pork tripe, then slowly simmer until the pork belly is rotten. Eat once a day, on an empty stomach or half full. If there is beeswax, you can add 2 grams of beeswax when the soup is stewed, and the soup with beeswax should be drunk in time while it is hot, otherwise the beeswax will coagulate out and be greasy.