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What food is good for gastritis

01 Radish Japonica Rice Congee: First prepare some fresh radish juice, 100 ml can be, in the preparation of Japonica rice, 100 grams is enough. First we wash the radish, crush it, remove 100 ml of juice, then add 500 ml of water with the japonica rice, and put it on the pot to cook porridge. Sooner or later, it can mainly treat gastritis caused by daring to stagnate Qi. Mutton and radish soup: 100g mutton, 150g apple, 100g pea, 300g radish, a little coriander, pepper, salt and vinegar. Wash mutton and cut into small cubes. Wash cilantro and cut into sections for use. Apples 150 grams, peas 100 grams, radishes 300 grams of peas, apples, mutton, ginger into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, after boiling with fire, turn to gentle heat for 1 hour, then put radish pieces cooked, salt, coriander and so on. Dip it in vinegar.
02_Egg ice-sugar wine: Prepare 500 grams of ice-sugar first, you can buy a bottle of yellow wine, take 500 milliliters enough, prepare 12 eggs, boil ice-sugar and yellow wine with warm fire, then beat the eggs in, slowly stir, boil them into burnt yellow, three times a day, before meals, each time 20 milliliters of gill pepper stewed pork belly: Pork belly 1, white pepper 15 grams, ginger 9 grams. White pepper crushed, ginger shredded, a total of into the belly of washed pigs, tighten with thread, and add a little water. Place pork belly in casserole, add water, simmer gently until cooked, then season and eat. Eat soup and stomach once every 2-3 days, 3-5 times in a row. Gill is used in patients with spleen deficiency and cold, stomach pain, gastroptosis, thin stool, stomach and duodenal ulcer.