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What kind of plant radiation protection is best

01 1 The first one is this prickly pear. Prickly pear is a kind of plant with high ornamental value. The former prickly pears survived in a very difficult environment like the desert. It shows the vitality of this plant and the adsorption of this plant on radiation.
02 2 Then there is this cactus. We know that this cactus does not need much care and care, so it can be said that the viability of this plant is very strong. Because the cactus grows in a place with strong sunshine, it is resistant.
03 3 There is also this leafhopper. This plant is also very good against radiation. It can improve the humidity of the room and benefit our skin and breathing. It can also absorb formaldehyde and xylene and ammonia and purify the turbid air.
04 Finally, what we have to say is that this plant has a very good effect on our human body. We put a few pots in our home, not only can improve the taste of life, but also play a role in radiation protection.