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What happens if you eat too many peaches?

Peach meat is rich in sugar, glucose, organic acid, volatile oil, protein, carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, crude fiber and other high iron content water almost occupies the first place. Therefore, eating peaches can prevent anemia. Peaches are rich in gum and prevent constipation.
02 Eating peaches to strengthen the body, enrich muscles and improve skin function for the weak, Yang deficiency and kidney deficiency, boiling fresh peaches with rice, eating porridge and eating rich muscles and pleasing color function for the weak, said that peaches: nourishing blood, eliminating heat, making fat and healthy color for the weak, gills eating peaches is easy to overheat, easy to sore boils, and eating Preserved Peaches has no drawbacks.
03 Peach has unique efficacy in treating pulmonary disease. Sun Simiao, a famous doctor in Tang Dynasty, said that peach lung disease is suitable for eating. Although eating peach, Li Zhen once said that peach food causes swelling and sores, gains and losses, peach feeding index peach should be moderately suitable for fresh peach storage.