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Is peach lit up?

There are many ways to eat peaches. They can be eaten fresh. Because they are not easy to preserve, they can also be processed into canned peaches, dried peaches, preserved peaches, peach jam, fruit wine, fruit juice and so on. Although peaches are delicious, they should not be eaten much. Li Shizhen once said, "Eating raw peaches makes people swell and get sores, which is harmful or not." As the saying goes, "Peach feeds people" refers to eating peaches moderately and appropriately, but fresh peaches are not suitable for storage.
Eating more peaches is easy to catch fire. Those who have excessive internal heat and are prone to sores and furuncles should not eat more. However, eating preserved fruit does not have this drawback.
03 Although peach kernel has the effect of breaking blood and removing blood stasis and bowel obstruction, peach kernel contains volatile oil and a large amount of fat oil, reducing more and filling less, so don't eat more, eating more peach kernel can lead to poisoning, early nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, accelerated heartbeat and other phenomena, serious cases can be. Causes the heartbeat to stop. Especially pregnant women, not to eat.