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Why do you smell some fresh smell when you feel motion sickness?

01 1 people with motion sickness must pay attention to the diet, do not eat some greasy food, before the ride, there is one point is not to eat too much or on an empty stomach, this is very bad, easy to cause motion sickness.
02 2 people with motion sickness can spare some motion sickness medicine or motion sickness stickers. The motion sickness medicine is taken half an hour before the ride. If you feel dizzy when you ride, you can stick two stickers to the back of your ear. Six hours in the
03 3 People with motion sickness can fix their heads on the chair after getting on the bus, then close their eyes and keep their eyes on the outside. Also, don’t read the book in the car. In the shaking environment, the passengers are more likely to get motion sickness.
04 People with motion sickness have a great relationship with their physical fitness. Therefore, people who often have motion sickness can participate in physical exercise and improve their physical fitness. When exercising, they have the right balance of exercise. Balance is for