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What if your child is stunted?

01 1 Many friends have a partial eclipse, and in almost everyone's eyes have almost changed into a normal behavior, then how can we effectively ensure the child's nutritional balance? Must pay attention to the child's partial eclipse of some key nutrients
02 2 Good habits, the stage where the child is growing, so a good habit is very important for the child. Make sure that the child is well asleep and create a good living environment for the child.
03 3 Activity limbs are more effective in many children, can enhance the child's physique, let the child stride forward, keep it every day, will let the child have a healthy body, but the exercise intensity can not be too large, we must do our best.
04 For children, playing is their nature, so parents and friends must pay attention to this article. Don't let our children's childhood innocence and happiness be erased by our parents. Please let him have one.