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11 good habits to protect the \"stomach\" health

01 1 diet should be light, have a good eating habits, food should be soft, mainly three meals a day, regular diet, whether you are hungry or not, you must eat according to the point, can not overeating, overeating is the most
02 2 Choose the temperature of the diet should be appropriate, not too cold or overheated, too cold food will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach problems. In the diet, choose to chew slowly, reduce the burden on the stomach, eating too fast will cause the stomach
03 3 It is forbidden to exercise after eating. You can choose to exercise after 20 minutes after eating. Do not eat spicy food or irritating food. Spicy food will seriously stimulate the stomach and mucous membranes, causing the stomach to receive injuries.
04 Usually pay attention to keep warm, but also pay attention to the hygiene of food, especially vegetables and fruits, must be washed before eating, do not have bacteria to eat, now the fruit contains too many pesticides, for people