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What are the precautions for patients with dwarfism?

01 1 Many patients with dwarfism may also have other diseases, such as diarrhea or some trauma and severe vomiting. Some patients may have a pituitary crisis if they are more serious, so they should be checked regularly.
02 2 The emergence of dwarfism is also related to some bacterial infections, such as schistosomiasis, so patients still need to pay more attention to food hygiene and personal hygiene in daily life, avoid multiple infections, and also prevent other diseases, because this
03 3 The situation of this dwarfism is actually related to congenital inheritance, so it is difficult to grow taller, but the method of human GH replacement is also improved when it is discovered in time.
04 Pituitary pygmy should be treated as soon as possible after diagnosis. The only effective treatment is to replace human GH. Now it has begun to use genetic recombination technology to produce hGH. Patients should pay attention to nutritional balance in diet.