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What are the symptoms of heel spurs?

01 1 first: the heel bone of the heel If the symptoms are not very serious, you can use simple painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, sedatives and muscle relaxants or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, such as aspirin, Pu'er pain, etc.
02 2nd: The heel spur can be used for hot compress, ultrasonic, electrical stimulation, head traction, etc. Hot compress is to increase the blood circulation of the local morbid tissue and improve the ischemic phenomenon of the muscle; electrical stimulation and ultrasound are to promote
03 3 Third: Need to remind the patient that the spur on the heel is not recommended for surgery, because the chance of recurrence after the spur surgery on the heel is very high, and it will be more powerful. You can also pay attention when you live in peace. For example, choose soft.