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It’s good to have a few days in the pillow

01 1 This patient with a stiff neck is good. There are many methods for the stiff neck. You can massage your neck more often during normal times. This is good for the rehabilitation and treatment of the stiff neck, and it must be properly adjusted for your sleeping position.
02 2 For patients with stiff neck, you can also go to some massage companies to let the professional massage your neck, so that the condition of the stiff neck will be greatly relieved. For patients with conditional advice, you can try it when you usually do.
03 3 The neck of the patient with a stiff neck should not be twisted at will, otherwise it may cause a fracture, which is even more detrimental to the treatment and rehabilitation of the stiff neck. It means that if you twist your neck, you must be moderate, and you must not have a large
04 For patients with stiff neck, you need to increase your physical exercise, try to adapt yourself to each environment as soon as possible, so the chance of getting a stiff neck will be greatly reduced. It is recommended that patients should improve their own time when they are usually in peacetime.