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What should I do if my child has penile dysplasia?

01 1 Some time ago, my friend told me that his son had a mouth on the side of the penis due to stunting. When he urinated, he came out from this mouth. It took a long time to defecate. The child was suffering. My colleague was also worried. Now his son has arrived.
02 2 After they went to the hospital, the doctor gave him a detailed examination and learned that his child was congenital penile dysplasia. At that time, the doctor suggested that my friend give his son a penis repair operation. The doctor said that this operation can help his son.
03 3 The doctor told my colleague that his son had to observe in the hospital one week after the operation. Because the child is too small, three days after surgery, it is necessary to insert a tube into the bladder to discharge the urine.
04 When parents discover that their baby's penis is dysplastic, they must go to the hospital for treatment and treatment. Don't go to the hospital and miss the baby's treatment opportunity.