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What are the causes of breast dysplasia?

01 1 Disease affected. Some girls are weaker from a small body, and it is easy to get sick. Especially when I was a child, I got a skin disease on my breast. Because I often apply corrosive drugs, it leads to a breast.
02 2 may be the body's lack of hormones. Sometimes the body's hormone secretion is unreasonable, that is to say, a girl's body lacks estrogen, which will lead to breast dysplasia, this time we must go to the hospital for examination, symptomatic treatment.
03 3 may be a genetic problem. For example, my mother's chest is relatively small, I have inherited my mother, so that my chest is also relatively small, do not have to work hard to make the chest bigger.
04 Female friends face the pursuit of slim body shape, blind diet, picky eaters, diet only eat vegetarian dishes, do not eat fish and vegetables, so that the body fat is low, the chest will follow the slim down, it is also easy to cause disease.