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What is the wrist tenosynovitis?

01 1 ointment one: the first choice of ordinary drugs for oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics, topical ointment drugs. For early tenosynovitis or have a certain effect. The general patient can only temporarily relieve pain, anti-inflammatory effect, but can not fundamentally
02 2 Ointment 2: Using traditional black plaster as carrier, adhering to the theory of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, selecting a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines, directly applying externally applied lesions, realizing blood circulation, regulating qi, phlegm, analgesic, exorcism, and righting, etc.
03 3 Ointment III: Uncover the plaster protective film and apply it evenly to the affected area. It can be combined with massage to help. (Can be combined with ginger, old garlic, scallion and other remedies, so that the medicinal properties of the plaster can be quickly exerted).