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How to treat sleeping snoring

01 1 Obese patients may be due to hypertrophy of the tongue and nasal polyps, resulting in a poor airway and snoring at night, so this situation can be sideways to sleep, to avoid snoring and let the tongue
02 2 Do not have the habit of smoking and drinking before going to bed, it will lead to muscle relaxation and narrow stenosis caused by snoring symptoms. You can drink some honey olive oil before going to bed, you can play the role of throat, probably drink about a spoon or so.
03 3 Always develop good habits. Do not eat spicy and greasy food. When you sleep, you can put a humidifier or a basin of water on the bedside pillow to keep the throat moist and effectively relieve the snoring.
04 When you sleep, you must lean on your side. It is not easy to block the respiratory tract while you are on the side. You can avoid snoring. If the snoring is very serious, you must seek medical treatment right away because of certain diseases.