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What should I do if my neck is swollen?

01 1 What should I do if the neck is swollen? In fact, patients should know that patients can choose some treatments for treatment. The more common treatments include Chinese medicine, drug therapy, physical therapy and exercise therapy.
02 2 In addition to these, patients with this disease should also pay attention to the patient's maintenance work during the illness, try to avoid neck injury again, such as patients to take the right sleeping position and the appropriate pillow to rest
03 3 In addition, the patient is also responsible for the prevention of the disease for the disease. Patients should pay attention to proper neck activities during normal life, and pay attention to keeping warm, sleeping position, etc. is also a key point, the patient is also
04 Patients can also participate in activities such as outdoor or physical exercise according to their actual situation, in order to enhance their physical resistance. Patients usually use their personal diet and medications in strict accordance with the doctor's requirements.