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Why do children have a fever?

01 1 First, the baby's body temperature is easily affected by the external environment: too high temperature (heatstroke), too much clothing, insufficient water intake, water loss (sweat, diarrhea), room air is not circulating, before and after strenuous exercise,
02 2 Second, less than 3 months of babies have a fever, the most common bacterial infection (such as type B streptococci); other such as respiratory tract, urinary tract, gastrointestinal infection or otitis media can also cause fever. The most serious infection is
03 3 Third, more than 3 months of infant fever, the most common is cold, otitis media, urinary tract infection. Otitis media is usually caused by cold bacteria or viruses from the eustachian tube up to the middle ear, except severe otitis media can be seen