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The effect of honeysuckle

01 1 Honeysuckle is known as heat-clearing and detoxifying. Its medicinal sweet and cold smell is harmful to the stomach. Now many people go to the pharmacy to sell honeysuckle granules because they have a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.
02 2Children are very susceptible to eczema because of their physical resistance. Because honeysuckle has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so when the family or child has eczema, you can go to the pharmacy to sell gold and silver.
03 3 In fact, honeysuckle has a certain effect on some common common diseases. Some people have suffered from acute mastitis because of the birth of the child's breast, because she knows some medical knowledge, so people go to the pharmacy to buy some honeysuckle back.
04 Honeysuckle is no stranger to our life. Most of the cold medicines that are sold in colds are honeysuckle granules, so you can always have some honeysuckle at home. If someone in the family is affected by the cold, you can take some honeysuckle water to prevent colds.