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What methods can treat dark circles?

01 1 dark circles are generally caused by staying up late, so try to avoid staying up late, don't sleep too late, be sure to pay attention to rest, do get up early and get up early, so you can reduce the occurrence of dark circles.
02 2 People with dark circles are easy to have a regular life. The time of rest and rest should be reasonable. The eyes should be massaged regularly. The method is: in the end of the eye, in the eye, at the head of the eye, gently press the eye massage stick. Repeat the movement 10 times.
03 3 Do not read books or use the computer for a long time, do not let the eyes get too tired, often use eye drops to drop your eyes, which can alleviate the occurrence of dark circles.
04 People with dark circles must always pay attention to rest, do not stay up late.