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Effectiveness and taboos of vinegar-soaked black beans

01 Bright-eyed Black soybean vinegar has clear-eyed effect, because the liver has a great impact on vision, so black soybean vinegar can improve vision to a large extent. Gill-gill detoxification Gill-black bean vinegar has the functions of detoxification, beauty-nourishing, defecation and tranquilization. Black hair and gills are not only getting greyer for the elderly, but also for the young, who are worried about the "teenager's white hair". The melanin in black soybean vinegar can make the hair dark and shiny. Black bean vinegar can activate blood circulation and suppress cold, which is a good choice for some people with cold. Gill improves constipation. Gill black beans are rich in crude fibers, promote digestion, make defecation unobstructed and improve constipation. Effective acne removal. Black beans can effectively remove acne on the face, but the black beans here need to be boiled before soaking in vinegar. Black beans are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to improve constipation. They are rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin E, which can improve skin condition. Black bean is a good anti-aging food. Black head contains anthocyanin and vitamin E, VE, which is an antioxidant. It can eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles, keep skin white and tender, and keep youthful and healthy.
02 The effect of vinegar on black beans Frequent consumption of black beans vinegar can have cosmetic, weight loss and kidney tonic effects, but also blackhair. Gill has significant effect on patients with long-term constipation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, backache and leg pain, diabetes mellitus, white hair, prostatic disease and so on.