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Men massage four big health points to suggest sexual ability

01 1 Men have a lot of symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation for a long time, because in real life, men's pressure is relatively large, often in the family's responsibility, and work pressure, so men need women to go more
02 2 For example, I often press the foot three miles. The foot Sanli is located on our outer side of the knee. We often press the foot three miles to adjust our skin. It also has certain benefits for male premature ejaculation. When we are fine, we can
03 3 Male friends, if the waist and knees are often sore and dizzy, then you should pay attention to it. At this time, male friends should massage Shenshu points more, Shenshu points are in our, waist
04 It is very beneficial to have a certain understanding of our body acupuncture points, so that we can massage in daily life, massage these acupuncture points to prevent the occurrence of diseases in time, and also be able to keep fit.