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What to do when the whole body itch catches it

01 1 The first occurrence of cockroaches has its own self-resolving phenomenon. If there is a self-resolving phenomenon, consider the symptoms of urticaria. The urticaria is mainly due to the low immunity of the body, disorder of the body, and some blood and blood heat in the body.
02 2 The cause of urticaria is very complicated. About 3/4 of the patients can't find the cause, especially chronic urticaria. Common causes are: food and food additives; inhalation; infection; drugs; physical factors such as mechanical stimulation,
03 3 Finally, the itch on the body is scratched. By introduction, we know that the biggest possibility is urticaria. It is necessary to check the diagnosis in time. If it is urticaria, it should be treated in time. It should also be in daily life.