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Does the fungal infection have a fever?

01 1 first: fungal infections can have fever. Fungal infections are mainly fungal skin infections, followed by fungal pneumonia, or fungal vaginitis. General skin fungal infections do not cause fever. If it is due to fungal pneumonia,
02 2nd 2: If the fungal infection is treated, it should be treated promptly, and the fungus should be checked regularly. If there are hand, foot and ankle, do not touch the fungus. The topical treatment can be sprayed with a terbinafine spray or a plaster.
03 3 Third: If the diagnosis is a fungal infection, the treatment can be selected by Dink ointment or Meike ointment, and combined with bifonazole spray treatment. In normal life, change socks frequently, do not wear too suffocating shoes,