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Mildly poor, how to make blood

01 1 When we find out or find that we are thalassemia, because it is a pregnant woman, in a special period, we must go to the hospital for professional treatment and examination. The general doctor will give the best treatment according to your situation. Never blindly at home.
02 2 In addition to treatment, in the usual must pay attention to thalassemia patients often physically weak, resistance is small, pay attention to the usual temperature difference, pay attention to prevent colds; more outdoor activities; breathe fresh air; carry out appropriate physical exercise, Qigong exercise,
03 3 diet, diet conditioning needs to pay attention to diet, it is advisable to eat nutritious foods, such as protein-rich milk, eggs, etc. There are light and digestible cereal grains. Must remember but all spicy and irritating
04 Mild thalassemia does not require special treatment and does not affect the body. The health of people with light thalassemia is basically no different from normal people in daily life, so you don't have to worry too much.