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How to effectively hangover during Chinese New Year drinking

01 1 yogurt is an artifact of hangover. We can put some yogurt in the house beforehand. When we are drunk, we can respond urgently. Yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, delay the time for the body to absorb alcohol, and excite and relieve the spirit of drinking.
02 2 Banana is also very convenient, a very popular fruit hangover artifact, you can buy fresh bananas almost every season, eat a few bananas after drinking, can reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, so you can reach
03 3 Honey water is also a tool for hangover. The family can find out and wait for the entertainer to come back with a cup of honey water. Because the bee secret can promote the absorption of alcohol and reduce the headache caused by drunkenness, at the same time,
04 The above is probably the three kinds of fast hangover foods that are very common in daily life. Friends who drink regularly can choose according to taste preferences and actual conditions. Of course, hangover foods only play a role in assisting hangover.