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Do the moon notes

01 1 During the confinement period, there are many precautions. The first precaution is that the maternal woman who has just given birth can't touch the cold water. Therefore, pregnant women should use warm water after washing, so that they can protect.
02 2 The second point to note is that the diet is healthy, because the pregnant woman has a lot of physical strength during the process of giving birth, and the body must be very weak, so there will be a lot of nutrition during this period, so that
03 3 The third point is to keep the maternal mood happy, have a good mood, you can have a good recovery, if you are not happy every day, and the mind is heavy, then the recovery of pregnant women is definitely not good. So family
04 There are a lot of precautions during the confinement period. We need to work together. It is not enough to rely solely on the maternity to pay attention to it. Therefore, I hope everyone can care about the maternal side.