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Is there a good way for children not to eat?

01 1 Many parents think that children eat less, think that children should eat a bowl of rice, but he only eats half a bowl, thinks that the child is anorexia, not willing to eat, but I don’t know, the half bowl of rice is satisfied in time, the child’s body needs
02 2 If the child has the habit of eating snacks between meals, it is necessary to correct it in time. This is a big factor that causes the child not to eat. He tells him seriously, cut off the snack today, no one at the time of eating, no
03 3 Some children do not like to be pathological when eating, maybe the spleen is not good. At this time, it is recommended that parents take the children to the hospital for an examination, or find a Chinese medicine to open some Chinese medicine, to adjust the conditioning for the child.
04 The health of the child is tied to the heart of the parents.