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What to eat after hydrocephalus surgery

01 1 First, hydrocephalus is a manifestation of fat deficiency in the brain. It is necessary to eat foods containing more fatty acids, such as rabbits, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, crickets, sparrows, etc.; oysters, octopus, sea fish
02 2 Second, protein is one of the main components of brain cells, accounting for 30% to 35% of the brain stem weight. Proteins are rich: eggs, wild boar, hare meat, wild ducks, pheasants, pheasants, sparrows, etc.
03 3 Third, trace element zinc has a certain role in maintaining brain function, such as oysters, malt, mushrooms, refined flour, eggs, rabbit meat, chicken, peanuts, peas, kidney beans, cucumber, garlic, etc. are all trace elements