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Causes of obesity

01 1 Air conditioning disease, hot summer, whether in the office or at home, the air conditioner is on, the air conditioner keeps our body temperature at a constant balance, neither need to adjust our body temperature, and can not sweat. Over time, our body heat regulation mechanism
02 2 As the saying goes, \"People have three urgency\". If you often can't stand the toilet, it is easy to increase the body's toxins, and it has a great influence on the body's metabolism. It is easy to have symptoms such as elephant leg obesity. So if you want to lose weight
03 3 Eat more meals, many girls like to eat snacks, especially desserts and some high-calorie foods. There is often no temperance in eating, what to eat if you like to eat, and habitual eating nights before going to bed at night.
04 To lose weight, you must first find out the cause of your obesity, then adjust and change.