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How to help remove dark circles

01 1 The most common method is liposuction, but this method not only requires the use of anesthetic, but the recovery period takes at least half a year. Because it is liposuction, it is often not cleaned, so you are suffering.
02 2 followed by the opening method, this method is the same as the literal meaning, the need to move the knife, is a small surgery, but the drawback of this method is that it is easy to relapse. The biggest advantage of this method is that the price is cheap, but because of the price factor
03 3 Nowadays, the laser method is commonly used. The biggest advantage of this method is that it will not bleed, but the use of laser is very easy to stimulate the eye, so the danger is also very large, it is easy to hurt the eyes if there is an accident.
04 The generation of dark circles is various. Some people are born, and some people are not well-maintained after the day, but no matter what kind of reason you are, it can not be eliminated quickly in a single day, so it takes time in your daily life.