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What effect does precocious puberty have on children?

01 1 If your daughter starts breast development before the age of 8, if the first orgasm is found before the age of 10, then it should be diagnosed as precocious puberty; if the boy shows sexual signs before the age of 9, it is proof of precocious puberty.
02 2 If the puberty is advanced or the sexual sign appears prematurely, the girl will experience menstrual cramps at a young age. The nervous nervousness is easy to distract, which is extremely easy to affect the child's learning. In addition, because the child does not have a small life for himself.
03 3 In other respects, when the sexual characteristics appear prematurely, it is usually accompanied by accelerated bone growth. It looks like a child growing faster and taller than the same age. However, due to the early fusion of the bones, the final height is often