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What to eat before going to drink can hangover

01 1 Alcohol is too bad for the body, it is best not to drink too much, drink some milk or yogurt before drinking, although it can play a certain rescue and form a protective film on the stomach surface, but drink
02 2 The reason why vitamins can be hangover is that vitamins have the function of digesting alcohol. In addition to vitamins and milk yoghurt, there is also a thing called schisandra which can also hangover, but after drinking, schisandra can be raised.
03 3 There is also a thing called high-concentration dietary fiber tablets. If you take it half an hour before drinking, you can achieve better hangover function. Because it can wrap the alcohol out of the body, it will not make people feel like drinking.
04 Many friends in today's society need to entertain, and they can't avoid drinking, but if you eat ten vitamins before drinking, drink a cup of milk or yogurt, this can form a protection for the stomach.