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What foods should be eaten usually to accelerate wound healing?

01 1 Eat more foods containing zinc, which are represented by fungus, kelp, etc. Zinc deficiency in the body will be a decline in the function of cells in our body, especially fibroblasts. At this point, the rate of wound healing becomes very slow.
02 2 Take more sugar-containing foods. We all know that sugar provides energy for our body. It is natural that wound healing is indispensable. When all the wounds are healed, you can eat more fruits with more sugar.
03 3 Eat more foods with high protein content. The more typical and familiar ones are lean meat, milk, etc. This can promote the healing of our wounds and reduce infection.
04 Wound healing try to choose a scientific method for treatment. Some old prescriptions have no scientific basis or try not to try. Of course, the best way is of course to pay attention to life and avoid injury.