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How to treat motion sickness repeatedly?

01 1 If you are afraid of motion sickness, you should be ready to work before taking the car. Take a sickness sickness medicine half an hour in advance (not recommended to take it regularly, after all, it is a three-point drug). Do not fasting when you are in the car, eat light food, but don't
02 2 If the above conditions are all ready, there will still be a feeling of motion sickness, then you can try to use wind oil, ginger, orange peel (also can eat orange) to put on or put in the nostrils, smell that smell will
03 3 In addition to those methods, you can also try the motion sickness stickers, navel stickers, you can also chew gum. If you get motion sickness, try to do it to the front of the car, because the rear swing is larger. Try to sit by the window as much as you can.
04 There is no treatment for motion sickness that can be eradicated at one time, but you can use more car to get rid of motion sickness. The best way is to do a bus. Sitting more, your body is used to it, motion sickness will be more and more