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Five Drinking Ways of Milk Equivalent to Chronic Suicide

01. Milk and rice soup and porridge are thought to complement each other in nutrition. In fact, this practice is very unscientific. Milk contains vitamin A, while rice soup and porridge are mainly starch. They contain lipid oxidase, which can destroy vitamin A. Therefore, even if it is to supplement nutrition, they should be eaten separately.
02 Milk orange juice or lemon juice Some people suggest adding some orange juice or lemon juice to milk, which seems to be a good way, but in fact, both orange juice and lemon belong to high fruit acid fruit products, and when fruit acid meets the protein in milk, it will denaturate the protein, thus reducing the nutritional value of protein.
03. The thicker the milk, the better the gills. Some people think that the thicker the milk, the more nutrients the body gets. This is not scientific. The so-called excessive milk refers to adding more milk powder and less water in milk, so that the concentration of milk exceeds the normal proportion standard. Others add milk powder to fresh milk for fear that it is too light. If people with poor intestinal function eat strong milk, they will cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and acute hemorrhagic enteritis. This is because the intestinal function of this group of people is poor, and they can not bear excessive burden and pressure.