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Protect the color of the eyes

01 1 First of all, the color of various objects in nature is different for the absorption and reflection of light. The green light has a relatively low degree of reflection and absorption of light. Therefore, it does not harm the human nervous system and cerebral cortex.
02 2 It can be seen that green is the most protective eye color, in addition, the sky blue reflection is not too strong, so blue is also a kind of eye protection. If you often see some green and blue things
03 3 For those who are not very good-looking, always go to the wild, look at the green mountains, green trees and grass, look at the blue sky, and have great benefits for the eyes.
04 For those computer workers, try to set the computer screen to green color, which can protect the eyes. Usually, when you type, you should set the font size larger, it will not work hard.