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How to maintain a 30-year-old woman

01 130-year-old woman maintenance should start from a good habit of living habits, do regular living, do not stay up all night, long time, not only cause dry skin, wrinkles, but also affect endocrine disorders, leading to insomnia, skin
02 2 Secondly, drink plenty of water, especially the first cup of water after getting up in the morning. It is not only to replenish the body's lost water but also to promote the discharge of harmful substances in the body, to avoid the generation of stains, and to drink some honey water.
03 330-year-old woman has to exercise more while ensuring her sleep time. When she is not working, she can do yoga with her friends. Not only can she shape her body, but also relax her body and mind, change her sub-health status, and play,
04 A 30-year-old woman no longer looks better than her appearance, but looks at her inner temperament. Therefore, women must read more, enrich their cultural connotations, and make themselves an intellectual woman. This is the most important beauty.