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How to face loser in winter

01 1 The key to losing face in winter is to control the diet. Once you eat too much, you will not be active. Excess calories and fat will accumulate in the body to form fat, and your face will grow bigger, so each meal is suitable for seven or eight minutes.
02 2 Secondly, we must adhere to exercise, preferably aerobic exercise, such as doing exercises, do not go out, you can do it at home, insist on doing 30 minutes every day, can help you lose excess fat, body slimming,
03 3 In addition to sports, female friends can also do some facial massage, but also help to thin the face, and eat less salt in the diet, because the salt intake is more, prone to facial swelling, so eat less
04 Winter face-lifting is not difficult, as long as you can control your mouth, take your own legs, eat more low-fat, low-calorie foods, such as vegetables and fruits, coarse grains, etc., you can return to the face of the seeds.