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Sea rabbit practice

01 1 First, the sea rabbit should be cleaned, its internal organs and eyes should be removed, and then a little oil should be poured directly into the pot, then a little onion ginger and green pepper and dried chili, as well as Pixian bean paste, and then
02 2 We can also directly use the green onions to stir the sea rabbits. At this time, we should pay attention to steaming the sea rabbit directly on the pan, and then put a little oil in the hot pot to stir the shallots and ginger.
03 3 Sea rabbit plus leeks is a very common food, then the sea rabbit is also known as the squid and squid. When we use the chart, we match the sea rabbit with the leeks, so that we can not only taste better.
04 What we said above is the practice of sea rabbits. We can use sea rabbits frequently in our daily life, and the combination of soil and leeks is a perfect match, and the nutritional value of sea rabbits is also very high.