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What if you eat too many peaches?

01 Although peaches play a very important role in food therapy! But don't eat too much. Eat too much, easy to catch fire! If you eat too many peaches, what will happen to people with weak spleen and stomach (especially those with diarrhea)? Never eat more peaches. If you want to eat more, one peach a day will be fine. Otherwise, it will aggravate the burden of intestines and stomach and cause more severe abdominal distension or diarrhea.
If you eat too much, you will feel full, which will increase the burden of the digestive system. If you have cholecystitis or chronic gastropathy, don't eat too much, otherwise your condition will become worse. Before gills are eaten, be sure to wash the outer hair to avoid skin allergies or eczema, or cough and asthma symptoms! Gill diabetes patients should not eat more, otherwise, blood sugar and urine sugar will rise rapidly, aggravating the condition.
03 Girls and pregnant people, it is best not to eat! Because the child's gastrointestinal digestion ability is poor, easy to allergy. Pregnancy is easy to cause acute abortion or bleeding and other dangerous symptoms! There are still some people in the gills. If they eat too much, they will have stomach trouble. It's better to eat less. Gills and eat a lot of words, teeth are easy to acid, when brushing at night, it will be very uncomfortable!