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What should women pay attention to when they increase?

01 1 Women can work harder in diet, adjust their diet reasonably, don't eat too many sweets and carbonated drinks, especially women who are in the physical development stage. Don't take a diet to lose weight, which will only delay the development of the body.
02 2 Female friends must develop regular habits to ensure adequate rest and adequate sleep, drink a cup of milk in the morning and evening, add calcium, drink milk at night can also improve sleep quality, while female friends should exercise more
03 3 Girls have always had a very suitable exercise increase method, that is, kicking the scorpion, can enhance the strength of the muscles and the flexibility of the corresponding joints, so as to achieve a long and high effect.
04 Regular practice of yoga can not only play the role of slimming, shaping elegant temperament, but also can play a higher role, which is a good choice for female friends.