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The five most popular foods for stress relief and sudden death prevention

01. Berry fruits are popular for their rich antioxidant components, which can prevent premature aging and alleviate some chronic stress. After eating, it can also regulate the sugar released into the blood. Therefore, when you want to eat some dessert or dessert, the first choice is berries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Because berries are different from other fruits, they produce slight fermentation and a small amount of gas in the large intestine. Because chronic stress affects dietary digestion, berry foods are very helpful when you are under severe stress.
02 Dark chocolate If you're feeling guilty about eating high-calorie chocolate, you don't have to. Stress makes us want sweets and greasy foods. If this happens, chocolate releases endorphins in the brain that fight stress, and some dark chocolate dissolves them successfully. Studies have found that 40 grams of dark chocolate a day is effective against stress. But be careful to choose unprocessed chocolates, such as dark chocolate with cocoa beans or cocoa powder content of more than 70%.
03 Nuts are naturally able to balance blood sugar, which can effectively inhibit human desire for sweets, regulate appetite and promote metabolism. When you are under high pressure, your body and brain are consuming certain vitamins at a faster rate, but nuts rich in vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and deep-sea fish oil can be used to combat stress. In addition, don't be afraid of the fat in nuts, because studies have shown that people who eat nuts on a regular basis are more successful in managing their weight.