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Insomnia occurs when four major foods are eaten

01 Sweet potatoes, corn, peas and other gas-producing food will produce more gas in the digestion process, until bedtime, the digestive gas will produce abdominal distension, hindering normal sleep.
02 Alcohol can make people fall asleep quickly, but it makes the sleep condition stay in the shallow sleep period, and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period. So even if the drinker sleeps for a long time, he will wake up feeling tired.
Pork and other over-greasy foods, because greasy food in the digestion process will increase the work burden of intestine, stomach, liver, bile and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, so that it has been working, leading to insomnia.
04 Hot food such as pepper, garlic and onion has recently been shown by an Australian study that after eating hot food, body temperature rises during the first cycle of sleep, leading to a decrease in sleep quality. It can also cause burning sensation and indigestion in the stomach, thereby affecting sleep.