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What are acidic foods?

01 Acidic Food: Vegetables - Asparagus and Beans (Dry) Little Kaoli Fruits - Bananas (Immature) Olives (Immature and Pickled) Storage Fruits (Frozen Canned Fruits Sugar-impregnated Fruits Dry, Bleached Fruits) Plums (Slightly Acidic) Plums (Slightly Acidic) Dairy products - - - butter cheese ice cream milk (except fresh milk) - - meat - - - all meat, fish, chicken, gill grains - - - wheat, barley bread (made from various flours) corn (parts other than ear shafts) - - macaroni, oatmeal, rice gill fruit - - - except on Fruit Gills on Other Trees - --- Wine, Candy, Cocoa, Chocolate, Coca-Cola and other cool drinks, salad dressing, spicy vinegar
Meat is acidic food, vegetables and fruits are salty, we should eat more vegetables and fruits, because the body of healthy people is weak salty, acidic body is prone to disease. Strong acidic food: yolk, cheese, dessert, sugar, tuna, halibut. Medium-acid food: ham, bacon, chicken, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat.