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Can I grow taller when I am 20?

01 1 In life, if you are 20 years old, you can grow taller. In normal life, we can help our bones develop twice by taking some drugs that help increase the weight. In normal life, patients must pay attention to keep themselves.
02 2 In life, 20 years old wants to make yourself grow taller. In normal life, you must pay attention to a good rest. In your current life, patients and friends should do more exercises that are conducive to heightening. In normal life, we can often touch and
03 3 In life, I want to make myself grow up. I should eat more calcium-containing foods. In life, patients should drink more milk. In normal life, patients should not give too many negative influences to their own.
04 Patients and friends must pay attention to their lives. During this period, they must pay attention to not being able to exercise too much. They must not lose weight often. In normal life, they should avoid excessive fat.