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What to do with long bubbles on the lips

01 1 There are many reasons for lip blistering, such as getting angry, hot weather, or visceral anger, which has a certain probability of causing foaming of the lips. There is also a possibility that the skin of the mouth is infected.
02 210,000 lips can be observed for two days, but be careful not to stimulate the wound, it is best not to break the blisters, let it break, avoid secondary infections, etc., it is best to apply
03 3 patients need to pay attention to eating habits, lips can not be free to choose diet, many foods need to avoid, do not carelessly, those barbecue, dry food, and spicy food can not eat. Eat more
04 Patients need to pay attention to avoid mouth, can not smoke, can not drink, at the same time pay attention not to eat those heavy food, greasy food, irritating food and the like should not eat, pay attention to control.