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Diet and Taboos for Diabetics

01 Light vegetarian diet, coarse grains and miscellaneous flour are preferred, and the diet should be kept seven points full. Adequate increase in dietary fiber: Diabetic patients with appropriate increase in dietary fiber intake can reduce postprandial blood sugar, improve glucose tolerance, reduce insulin consumption and reduce the role of blood lipids; at the same time, it can alleviate the sense of hunger in diabetic patients; and stimulate digestive juice secretion and promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent the occurrence of constipation. The following foods contain more fibre, which can be used as food for diabetic people, such as mung beans, kelp, buckwheat noodles, corn noodles, oat noodles, sorghum rice, spinach, celery, leek, bean sprouts, etc.
02. Eat less foods with high carbohydrate content, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root, carrots, peas, etc. Easy to raise blood sugar are: sugar, ice sugar, brown sugar, glucose, maltose, honey, preserves, lactose, chocolate, fructose, canned fruit, soda, jam, ice cream, dessert. Cakes and all kinds of sweet drinks, oral liquids, fruit juices, etc. should be avoided as far as possible. Low-sugar foods are leek, squash, winter melon, pumpkin, green vegetables, green pepper, balsam pear, onion, eggplant, tomatoes and so on.
03 Stick to a low-fat diet, cook with vegetable oil as far as possible, and eat less fried food and sweet, fat and salty food. Hyperlipidemia is an important cause of diabetes mellitus complicated with cardiovascular disease. Reducing the calories provided by fat intake from 40% to 10%, diabetes mellitus will be better controlled. Foods that increase blood lipids are commonly lard, butter, lamb oil, butter, butter, fat and cholesterol-rich foods.
04. Try not to drink alcohol. Diabetic liver has poor detoxification ability. Drinking alcohol is bound to aggravate the burden of liver and cause damage. Excessive drinking is also prone to hyperlipidemia and metabolic disorders. In addition, drinking can stimulate the pancreas and affect the composition of its secretion. At the same time, alcohol is a high-calorie food, diabetes mellitus slightly out of control, can cause the deterioration of the disease.
05. Calcium deficiency can aggravate the condition of diabetic patients. Therefore, we should eat more foods containing calcium. Such as kelp, ribs, shrimp skin, sesame sauce, soybeans, milk and so on.
06 Selenium has the same physiological activity as insulin in regulating sugar metabolism. Selenium-containing foods such as fish, mushrooms, sesame, garlic and mustard can reduce blood sugar and improve the symptoms of diabetes.
07_Supplementation of foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, such as fish, milk, cabbage, legumes and vegetables, mustard, cabbage, green pepper, fresh jujube, is conducive to slowing down the process of diabetic complications, and to alleviating diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy.
The sugar content of watermelon, apple and kiwifruit is relatively low. These fruits can lighten the burden of pancreas, help them absorb rich vitamins, minerals and pectin, and balance their diet.