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The harm of the middle and old aged teeth to the body

01 1 The most important thing for the elderly to have tooth loss is to affect their memory. If the denture is worn after the tooth is missing, the memory of the elderly will be affected. The memory will be very bad at this time.
02 2 The middle-aged and elderly people have tooth loss, which will directly affect the function of the gastrointestinal tract. The teeth mainly play the role of chewing. Once the tooth is chewed, the secretion of saliva will be reduced.
03 3 The missing tooth will directly affect our normal speech. Once the tooth is missing, our normal pronunciation will be affected to some extent. If there are more teeth missing, we should wear the denture in time and the tooth is missing.
04 What we said above is the harm caused by tooth loss in middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, in the event of tooth loss, we need to repair it in time. It is best to wear dentures in time.